Bike Shop and Active Wear Boutique Greenville, SC
Pedal Chic Closes Out First Season of Spin & Sip Rides - Bike Fashion and Friendship
Started a new group ride at Pedal Chic bike boutique in Greenville, SC called Spin & Sip. Friends were made, miles were rode and many got back on their bikes for the first time in years!
Night of Celebration at Pedal Chic "Raise the Roof" on October 16th from 6 - 9 pm
A year ago on October 16th, 2011 the roof fell in at Pedal Chic bike shop in Greenville, SC. Here we are a year later and invite you to join us as we "Raise the Roof" and celebrate bike fashion and the road to recovery on October 16, 2012 from 6 - 9 pm at Pedal Chic, 651 S. Main Street, Greenville, SC. Special guest, Anna Cleaver, professional triathlete and Hincape Sportswear ...
CNNMoney Video Featuring Pedal Chic Bike Shop in Greenville, SC
Recently CNN/Money stopped in Pedal Chic bike shop in Greenville to talk with Robin Bylenga and learn about how and why she created Pedal Chic.
Robin Bylenga, Creator of Pedal Chic, is Featured in Money Magazine's Second Act
Changing Gears After being laid off from a job in sales, Robin Bylenga decided to make a career of helping other women find joy in cycling.
Pedal Chic Received BRAINy Top 100 Award Last Night!
Pedal Chic bike shop in Greenville, SC, the first women's specific bike shop in the country, received industry honor "Best Bike Shop for Women" last night ...
Bike Fashion - Perfect for Fall Cycling or Early Morning Runs - Pedal Chic Thermal Arm Warmers
Bike fashion statement for fall cycling - arm warmers. Pedal Chic combines style and function in the latest fashions for bike clothing and cycling gear. Visit www.pedalchic.com
Bike Camping on the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia
I recently purchased a new Bianchi road bike from Pedal Chic bike shop in Greenville, SC and I am going on bike adventures. I rode the Silver Comet Trail this past Labor Day weekend and blog about the ride.
Riding My New Road Bike In Greenville, SC
I recently purchased a Bianchi road bike from my favorite bike shop, Pedal Chic, in Greenville, SC. Notice I did not name the model of my rode bike because I am a newbie and don't really care about that … yet.
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