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Handling Holiday Stress

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Tips for Maintaining Activity During the Stressful Holiday Season

It is no secret; the holidays can be a large source of stress for many people. Between seeing family members that may not get along, to working, cooking, shopping and cleaning for a crowd, it is no wonder why some folks want to bypass the Holidays all together. If this sounds like you, know that there are stress relievers that do not include chowing down on every sweet treat in sight.

Here are some tops tips for you to relax, de-stress and maybe even enjoy the holidays, just a bit more.

  • Planning ahead is crucial: Planners and list makers unite! Take the time to sit down and plan out exactly what you need to accomplish each day that pertains to the holiday festivities. Make sure to include some form of daily activity such as walking, running or bike riding to help reduce the stress.
  • Break Activities into Portions: No time for exercise? If you find yourself saying that often, then break it into small portions. If you normally take a 30 minute walk during lunch, but find yourself running errands, park further away from the store and get more walking in. If you cannot get out to run due to weather, pop in an exercise DVD and do that instead.
  • Let Others Help: I know. I know… letting go of some things is difficult but if you can delegate mundane tasks to others, that will free you up to work on what is more important and free some time for those relaxing activities you need.
  • Stop Saying Yes: As women, I think we feel obligated to say yes when someone calls needing 10 pies at the last minute. But saying No once in a while doesn’t hurt you. There are always alternatives. Get good at finding alternatives and reducing your stress levels.
  • Choose to be Happy: For many, it is a choice. Exercise and activity helps reduce the stress and therefore allows you to be happy. Know that and embrace it for a true stress reliever. Use these tips to help reduce the stress you may be feeling and take time out this holiday season for you. If you take care of you first, then you can handle the holiday craziness!


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