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Important Tips for Biking in the Winter

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The word winter brings to mind wet freezing weather that makes you want to snuggle in and hibernate! Some days it is great to do just that. But then there are the days that dawn cold but crystal clear and you cannot wait to get outside! For the biking enthusiast, these are the days that you can hit the roads and enjoy every minute of it, even though it is winter. The key is to cycle safely and keep in mind some of these tips. Tips on how to safely bike during the winter

  • Even though it may be cold outside it is important to be hydrated before your biking run and to hydrate during and after it. In the cold, you may not realize you are sweating, but you do so be prepared.
  • Visibility can be diminished during the winter season so make sure your bike has reflectors and that your clothing is bright and visible to automobiles that might be out on the road.  Stay on main roads and in proper bike lanes. 
  • Wear proper bike riding clothing, outerwear and footwear! You can purchase clothing for every season of the year which helps with comfort and warmth. Dressing in layers will help. You do not want to be too warm or too cold.
  • Inspect your bike often to make sure it is in perfect working condition. Make sure to check your air pressure in your tires and make sure they are properly inflated and still have great tread on them.
  • Winterize your bike with the proper lubricants for wintertime use. Winter weather and the cold can damage your chains, pedals and the metal surfaces of your bike.
  • Use the buddy system! Take another rider with you or let another person know where you will be riding and when you plan on returning. If you don't return by a certain time, they can call for help and they will know where to look for you.  
  • Clean your bike after use if your area uses salt on the roads. It will corrode if not washed off
  • Don't leave home without your cell phone! In case of an emergency you will want to have a fully charged cell phone along with you for the ride.

Think safety first when biking during the winter. As always, keep your eye out for others, but by following these tips, you can enjoy a fabulous winter ride. A great workout in the brisk air will do a body good!


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