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New Segment - Life Logic Chiropractic - Articles for Healthy Living - How Blood Sugar Levels Can Ruin A Marriage

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[caption id="attachment_2293" align="alignleft" width="400" caption="Blood Sugar Levels Can Seriously Affect A Marriage"]Pedal Chic Introduces New Segment - Articles For Healthy Living - Introducing Guest Blogger, Brian Davis, Life Logic Center, Greenville, SC[/caption]

Pedal Chic is pleased to announce a new segment on women's health issues call "Articles for Healthy Living". We are happy to announce Dr. Brian Davis of Life Logic Center in Greenville, SC. Brian and his wife Sarah go beyond traditional lab results and dig deeper to find out a patients systemic diagnosis and treat with nutrition and supplements many issues like sleeping trouble, blood sugar levels, thyroid issues and pregnancy issues. We hope that you will find this information helpful and enlightening in leading a healthy life!





How Diabetes Could Ruin a Marriage
So picture this: you have just come home from work and youʼre waiting for the kids to settle down so everyone can sit and enjoy a wonderful family dinner. Your wife comes up to you and asks a simple question, “Would you like broccoli or carrots with dinner?” To which you reply, “I donʼt care.” You, believing you have given an appropriate and polite response, then receive, “I have been dealing with these children all day, and then I am expected to make dinner and read everyoneʼs mind to know what they would like?!?” What you immediately think to yourself is, “I like both carrots and broccoli, I would be happy with either.” Sadly, what comes out of your mouth is, “I get home from a long day of providing for this family so that food can BE on the table, and this is the thanks that I get?!?”
I am sure most marriages or relationships have experienced similar arguments. You know, those arguments that start for no apparent reason and serve no purpose in growing a relationship. Being a chiropractor with a passion for understanding how the body functions on a fundamental level, it is disheartening that Americans generally have a poor understanding of the importance of blood sugar regulation and how it can affect their lives. Here are the blood sugar basics:
When you eat food, it is broken down or converted into glucose (sugar), which is the basic fuel for your entire body. Your cells cannot readily take glucose into them, it has to be “escorted” into your cells by a hormone called insulin. For optimal functioning of your body, your blood glucose level should remain between 85-100mg/dL. Think of your blood sugar as gasoline in your car. Your car requires a certain amount of gasoline to run correctly at any given time. If you start to increase or decrease the amount of gasoline going into the engine while you are driving, what would happen? The car would start to run funny, it might start puttering, or even shut off all together. And what do you think would happen to that carʼs engine over time? It would break down due to abnormal wear and tear, and most likely the rest of the car would fall apart as well. Your body, which is far more important than you car, handles changes in your blood sugar in exactly the same way.
If your blood sugar goes too low or high, you may putter out, shake, not function properly, or shut down all together. Low blood sugars and high blood sugars both have symptoms that any individual will feel long before they may be diagnosed with diabetes. Some low blood sugar signs are headaches, shakiness, irritability, dizziness, mid-day crash, poor memory, or the need for stimulants (like coffee or energy drinks) to get through the day. High blood sugar signs can be craving sweets after meals, getting tired after eating, increased appetite or thirst, blurred vision, or difficulty losing weight.
So before you start World War III, take a second to think about the last time you ate. Could your blood sugar be the reason that you or the object of your frustration has such a short fuse? Just some food for thought....

In Good Health,
Dr. Brian

Life Logic Health Center

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