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Bike Camping on the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia

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[caption id="attachment_2371" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Bike the Silver Comet Trail"]Bike the Silver Comet Trail[/caption]

Bike Camping on the Silver Comet Trail in GA

I have always wanted to go on a bike camping trip. These are two activities that I love to do and combining them makes perfect sense to me. After my recent divorce, I promised myself that I would do what I love doing as much as I can, even if I have to do these activities alone. What I am finding is that there are many people in the same situation and I always find someone to ride with or talk to and that makes it even more enjoyable. I would like to thank Nancy Gentry of The Adventure Group Meetup Group for organizing the trip.

So I arrived in Georgia at the Rock Campground (between mile markers 35 - 34) in Rockmart, GA on Saturday am and a group of 10 of us (mostly from Greenville, SC) hit the Silver Comet Trail at 10 am. We rode towards Smyrna and the scenery was great.

There are tunnels, bridges and Castle Rock and very few hills. All in all this was a pretty flat ride.

[caption id="attachment_2372" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Scenic Stop on The Silver Comet Trail"]Pedal Chic on the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia[/caption]

We found a Mexican restaurant on Nathan Dean Boulevard to stop and have lunch at mile marker 19 in Dallas, GA. There were many food choices at that marker right at the Chamber of Commerce trail head. There is also a  Waffle House, Ruby Tuesdays, Panda Garden, Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell and more so as a side note this is the food jump off. Some of the group headed back to camp after lunch and a few continued on. I was in the later pack. I rode with Andy and Jan and we challenged each other to go farther and had a nice chat along the way.

Yesterday I rode 40 miles for the first time EVER!  I strongly recommend a road bike for this trail.  I recently purchased my Bianchi at Pedal Chic in Greenville, SC, and it was perfect for this ride.

[caption id="attachment_2374" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="My Bianchi Road Bike"]Bianchi Road Bike from Pedal Chic bike shop in Greenville, SC[/caption]

Day Two Morning Reflections: So here I am, day two, of my bike camping trip on the Silver Comet trail. I had a great night sleep in my new toy, my GO camper/tent thingy.

[caption id="attachment_2375" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="My new toy"]GO Camper from Sylvan Sport[/caption]

Mixed up some really good instant oatmeal and Korean coffee which my nephew brought back for me after his tour in South Korea and now I am good to go. We will head towards Alabama today and will encounter more hills. They actually refer to the hills at heart attack hills. I hope to do at least 40 miles again today.

Recap of day two:

Here we are at the top of the heart attack hills. It was very challenging but doable.

[caption id="attachment_2361" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Made it to the top of Heart Attack Hill"]Silver Comet Trail on the Way to Cedartown[/caption]

This part of the trail from Rockmart to the Cedartown Depot  is more challenging. (35 - 52) Rockmart is very picturesque so if you want some good pictures this is your stop.


[caption id="attachment_2376" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Scenic Outlook on top of Heart Attack Hills"]Scenic Outlook past Rockmart on The Silver Comet Trail[/caption]

There is also an Italian restaurant, Frankie's, right off the trail that is a good stop for a beer or food. They are only open till 3 on Sundays tho. We needed a refreshment stop so we ended up across the bridge in Rockmart on the way home at Hometown Pizza. The wings and pizza are fantastic and they have cold beer, Fat Tire, and deliver to the campground. So Hometown Pizza was our major score on this trip!

Back to the ride … The hills are great if you like to climb. You will be challenged. The worst or best of the hills, depending on your point of view, are near the dump. There is a great scenic lookout at the top of the biggest hill. There is also a remote campground, Camp Comet, around mile 45 if you need to take a break.

The cruise down to Cedartown is very quick after the climb. We found Southern Flavor restaurant just beyond the depot. It is a Meat & 3 for the most part but will feed you well. The peanut butter pie was well worth the climb. Ellis Pub was not open on Sunday when we passed thru but looked like a great stop too.  I am an adventure rider so I am looking for the full experience. Knowing that we had to face the hills again on the way back and just having lunch, only one of us pushed on 10 miles farther. I was not in that group today.

Returned to the campground around 5:30. We did another 40 miles on day two, this time with hills! It was a much more scenic ride then yesterday and we all agreed that we enjoyed this ride more than the day before. It was good to do a flatter ride on day one and then step it up day two.

All in all a very satisfying trip. The Silver Comet is well worth the trip. The trail in Georgia is 60 miles one way and then an additional 40 going into Alabama on a spur trail that ends in Weaver, AL I'm told. That sounds like another ride and another adventure. I did not find a lot of detailed information or reviews online about this trail so we would be happy to answer your questions if you would like more info about our ride. Please leave your comments and questions below.

Written by Wendy Lynam.  Owner of Greenville Marketing Lab and new road biker.

[caption id="attachment_2378" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Wendy Lynam, new road bike enthusiast"]Wendy Lynam on the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia[/caption]

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  • Storie Mooser: January 01, 2015

    I have yet to find a site that provides combined elevations/distance info re the Silver Comet/Chief Ladiga trail. Railroad grades are typically moderate of incline compared to roadway grades, so I’m curious to know what is the grade and length of climbs on this route.


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