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Art & Light Gallery in Greenville, SC Present - The Bicycle - The World's Greatest Toy - by artist Teri Pena

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Check out this art exhibit in Greenville, SC at Light & Art Gallery; Last Two Weekends!.

Art & Light Gallery Present the Work of Teri Pena - The Bicycle - The World's Greatest Toy
View the work of artist Teri Pena @ Art & Light Gallery in Greenville, SC

Teri J. Peña

Artist Statement

While my work in the past was primarily creating large landscapes in oil, I recently have shifted my focus to more figurative painting. It has been a process of exploration. A fun one at that. As a student in college, I was enamored with the study of the human form and always believed that if one could master drawing such an amazingly complex and beautiful subject, you could draw almost anything. This next journey is my attempt to grow in this area and as a painter. This shift has represented itself in portrait style work with a painterly yet detailed finish, as well as some works that are more gestural and more suggested, leaving fine details behind.

No matter the style, I am always interested in capturing the essence, the soul, the passion of the subject whether it’s in their eyes, their environment or their movement. “What’s their story?” This is the question that I hope intrigues the viewer.

My last body of work, The Bicycle, has been a fun research into why this machine has won the hearts of mankind for over a century. It was invented as a form of man-powered transportation, but even now with faster and easier forms of transportation, we continue to ride. I describe it as the world’s greatest toy that knows no age. We are all like children when we can roll down the road with the wind in our hair, feeling our bodies working and our minds escaping. The bicycle itself is a piece of art.

I’m not at all sure where this next phase of exploration will take me, but what I am sure of is that I am enjoying every minute of the challenge.


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