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Caroline's Story
Fellow women pedal pushers I want to tell you my story about the amazing Pedal Chic Bike Store in Greenville, SC. However, I first have to tell you my story.
You Can Ride!

You Can Ride!


Frequently, I hear from women that come into our shop

“I’m not really a cyclist”
“I’m not really strong enough to ride in a group”
“Surely , I’m not as strong as everyone else”
“I don’t want to hold anyone up”

For this and many other reasons, our staff decided to host the Pedal Chic Summer Training Team.  We want to provide a fun, motivating and encouraging training environment to build your confidence on the bike. 

Be good to YOU…It’s Not just okay, It’s Imperative
I know - another one of “those” messages.  Everyone always telling us that as women we need to make ourselves a priority.  But in reality it is difficult.  And I am the world’s worst offender.  
2015 Bicycle Friendly Business Awards: Going for Gold

This Earth Day, we are proud to announce our Gold Status as a Bicycle Friendly Business by the League of American Bicyclists! This program encourages sustainability and progressive community action for bicycling infrastructure development. But read on - we're not done yet!

Guest Post: Georgena Terry and The Wild Goose Chase

We are honored to share this post from our good friend Georgena Terry to bring you some background on the Wild Goose Chase ride in Cambridge, Maryland May 16-17, 2015 - we are very much looking forward to this ride and meeting the amazing women who are making it happen!

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