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  • Product Review: ORP SmartHorn
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Product Review: ORP SmartHorn

The ORP SmartHorn combines function and style into one essential for urban cyclists. I put it to the test on my evening bike commute with some pretty satisfying results.

The video below runs through the basic features of the light, which combines a bright LED light with a high decibel horn for top notch safety.


The horn is designed to get the attention of nearby cars, and has two different loudness settings. Once powered on, the flash/steady light settings are easily changed by pressing the top button, and the horn is activated by flipping up the flexible back flap. For people like me who are too lazy to read the instructions, the device is overall very intuitive and easy to use while riding.

I tried it out on my ride home last night to determine the visibility range, and found it perfect for city riding. Part of my commute is not illuminated at all at night, so I did have to supplement with another light in order to see more than a few feet in front of me. While riding on the road, I flipped the light down towards my bike and switched it to the strobe flash setting. The strobe flash illuminated me so well I think it would have been impossible not to see me!

The loudness of the horn is also very effective. When I got home, instead of fumbling for my keys, I sounded the horn and my bewildered roommate soon answered the door, which I think demonstrates the effectiveness of the frequency and decibel levels.

Overall, I would say the ORP is perfect for urban riders, as it will get the attention of nearby drivers and keep you visible on the road at night. If you are riding in an area that lacks streetlights or other lighting, you will need a stronger beam to see further out in front of you.

The ORP SmartHorn comes in various colors and is available for purchase here.


Disclaimer: Pedal Chic was asked to do a product review of the ORP light, but was not paid or otherwise influenced to give anything but a straight up and honest review.



  • newnew productpedal chicwomen biking

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