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  • Commuter Method: Rainy Day
Commuter Method: Rainy Day

Monday morning's monsoon brought an interesting challenge to my daily commute. Despite riding for transportation almost daily since I moved to Greenville in May, I've only been caught in the rain on two occasions.

Looking at the radar for Monday morning, I knew this would a third, and more intense, ride in the rain.

Thankfully I had recently gotten the Terry Urban Hoodie and saw this as an opportunity to give it a test run.

I've not yet found a suitable waterproof pant for my commute, especially as there haven't been enough rainy days here to push me to search. So my method today was the "spare change of clothes", since we were hosting the Palmetto Cycling Coalition 2014 Rolling Bike Summit at the shop that night. I packed my change of clothes and cosmetic bag in my wetbag and off I went!

Forgive the low resolution selfies, but I did have to document the level of soaked that I was:


Happily, when I took off the Terry Urban Hoodie, my shirt was dry! (the bottom of my shirt hung a few inches below the jacket, and the front wasn't zipped up - so you can definitely tell the difference and how dry it kept my arms and torso!)


To keep warm, I had on Giordana legwarmers, earwarmer, and gloves.

Thoroughly soaked from the waist down, I literally had to wring out my commute clothes, then throw on my more party-appropriate sweater and jeans. 


Next up will be my thoughts on riding in insanely cold (for South Carolina at least) temperatures.. This week has been an adventure! Still, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I do in fact have a perfectly working car I could drive, but thanks to my cycling addiction it just sits at my apartment and I have to turn it on every couple of weeks to keep the engine from totally decaying. 2015 might just be the year I do without it altogether!

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