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Be good to YOU…It’s Not just okay, It’s Imperative
I know - another one of “those” messages.  Everyone always telling us that as women we need to make ourselves a priority.  But in reality it is difficult.  And I am the world’s worst offender.  As a single mom with three kids and owning a business - “me time”?  Seriously?  And I’m a huge multi-tasker.  The thought of sitting down to get my nails done makes me nervous and seems like a huge waste of time and money.  But that’s just me…now, planting my yard full of flowers or going on a long ride - that heals my soul.  But when I get home, I’m exhausted.  I need to feed the kids, do laundry, work more…I always feel the need to work more. 
But bear with me …  
My first job out of college was as a flight attendant.  The required PA message states upon losing cabin pressure when the masks fall from the overhead panel one should place the mask over yourself first, and then assist those near you.  Even the children.  The reason for this is that when cabin pressure is lost, the oxygen levels can change very fast and one can quickly lose consciousness.  You don’t feel a thing.  So the seemingly selfish act of taking care of yourself first now makes sense.  You can’t help your child next to you if you’re passed out…
When my kids were little, sometimes they would say, “Please mommy, go on a run.  You’re nicer after.”  And I was.  The stress was relieved a bit.  The problems in my mind seem to be a little less daunting.  Running or biking with a friend was/is even better.  We share stories and our lives.  We build stronger bodies and stronger spirits.  I
It is difficult in our crazy, hectic, busy lives to remember to make time for ourselves.  Or to even justify the time and expense.  A few days ago I finally went for a long overdue haircut and color.  I felt sorry for my stylist because I sat in her chair, talked a blue streak and cried my eyes out.  I was super stressed and just sitting down and being quiet (well, she was quiet….) released something.  Then, it healed me in some small way. I looked so much better and felt better about me.  The next day I actually took some time off work on a Saturday afternoon, in our busy season no less, and went out to lunch and a bike ride with my son.  It was awesome.  We talked and laughed and connected.  I remember why I do what I do.  And I remember that I do it because I truly believe lives can be transformed by getting out on a bike - I also work hard for my kids and … for me.
You are good enough.  You are valuable, worthy and loved.  Love yourself, take time for yourself.  It will make you a better you for those you work so hard to be there for…you have permission.  
(photo, Robin enjoying the day with her son Max) 
  • Robin Bylenga
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