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Goals vs. Resolutions

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 Happy New Year!  

As we enter the inevitable New Year Resolution posts, I will give you a challenge to view Goals vs. resolutions.

As defined by, a Resolution is a decision or determination, firmness of purpose. These tend to be more global aspirations such as getting completely out of debt, quitting smoking, stopping/starting something.  Each new year gives us a time to reflect on life, count our blessings and face our challenges. In creating a list of resolutions, we are able to dream of how we would really like our life to be. What doable changes can you make? When you put something on paper and look at it often, things tend to happen.  But do give yourself a break – don't set yourself up to feel as if you have failed by setting massive resolutions without goals to help you achieve.

A goal, also defined by,  is the object of a persons ambition or effort, an aim or desired result.  Goals require specifics which will help you feel more successful once achieved - and they will help you complete your grander resolutions.

Here are a few tips to help you reach your goals:

1. Write down your goal, ie, I WILL sign up for the “cause ride”, will pay the fee and will DO THIS!  When you have goals on paper in front of you daily, you are more likely to be successful - and will definitely remember on a daily basis which is motivation.

2. Have an accountability partner.  Find local groups and connect with someone to help you stay on track.

3.  Make your goals realistic.  If you are just getting started on a bike for the first time, aim for a smaller goal than a full Ironman.  Small successes build confidence.  Confidence builds motivation.  Motivation build success.

My wish for you for 2015 is a life full.  A life of fullness, happiness, completion of goals and small steps toward life changes for the most beautiful life you can imagine.  We are so very grateful for our customers, friends, family and team.  We hope we can be a part of the goals you set for yourself and to help improve your life.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part.  



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