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Tune Up before you Tone Up!

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Who is ready for spring and warm weather? We know we are! While it seems like this frigid weather won’t go away soon enough, spring will be here before know it! Before the ice thaws and flowers start to break ground, it’s time to get your bike tuned so you can hit the road. 

Read on for the top three reasons why regular bike maintenance is so important!

This bike is ready for some TLC!

  • Safety First!
  • Whether you hit the road or the trails, it’s important that you take the safety of your bike into account. We asked our A-list mechanic at Pedal Chic in Greenville, SC what some of the most frequent issues he sees when people bring their bikes in for a tune up.

    • Dry-rotted tires. This happens over time, and the last thing you want to run into on your first ride of spring is a faulty tire – you won’t get very far and it certainly wouldn’t handle a rut in the trail or one of those dreaded potholes!
    • Rust: whether you battled the winter cold on your bike or it sat safely in storage, there are several elements like salt, humidity and dust that can cause parts of your bike to rust. Rusty parts can lead to dangerous situations if your bike should malfunction while riding.
    • Worn brake pads… I don’t know about you, but I like to feel confident that my bike will stop when I approach an intersection! And, from all that braking (especially if you are a commuter cyclist!) eventually your rims can wear down so it’s important to get them checked out.
    • Then of course there are the more tricky parts like the gears and chains. It’s critical that these get a cleaned and aligned for both a safe and high performance ride.

  • It's Cheaper to Maintain than to Replace
  • Whether you are new to the biking world or a pro, you know the love affair that we have with our bikes is not cheap! Just like you would your car, your boat or your house, you need to keep up with the maintenance on your bike to ensure the longevity of your investment… otherwise you will have gone too long and soon you will be shopping for a brand new bike! Instead, make sure to stay on top of your yearly maintenance and tune-ups! But! If you don’t take our advice and find yourself shopping for a new bike, don’t worry; Pedal Chic is here for you then too ☺

  • Pedal Chic!
  • And then there is the obvious reason to get your bike tuned up… looking good and staying chic!

    So no matter if you are a recreational rider, a speed demon or an über adventurous trail explorer, it’s important to get your bike tuned up for spring!

    Stop in our shop today and get take advantage of our tune-up special for $50 (normally $65) or get an overhaul tune-up for only $100 (normally $125)!


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