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Spinner Spotlight: Lea McGowan in New York City

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Ever wonder what it's like to bike in the Big Apple? My big sister and ballerina extraordinaire, Lea McGowan, gives us a glimpse of what it's like in this Spinner Spotlight!
"I love biking New York City because you experience the city by joining its live energy, flowing in the currents of people and traffic. You've got to keep an eye out for taxi doors swinging open, deliveries being made and pedestrians standing awestruck looking up at the skyscrapers. The Hudson river path goes almost the length of the west side coast of Manhattan and has stunning views- few stops-allowing for a smooth, almost uninterrupted ride. Another bike lane dives right down Broadway to the middle of Times Square -this is best at night when there are fewer people and you can appreciate the dazzling lights! In my borough of Queens we have some pretty paths along the water with views of Roosevelt Island and Manhattan. Going over the Queensboro Bridge is always a breathtaking experience - not only because of having to pedal the steep incline (which I've approximated to be at least 15 stories) but mostly because of the stunning views of the city and boats cruising beneath."
"In the city some new fitness places (example Soul Cycle, where people spin on stationary bikes)have become quite popular. I much prefer the experience of riding a bike to get places. I don't understand wanting to drive in a car to go to the gym. I feel like having a bike enables me so much more freedom of not having to wait around for public transportation or put my life the hands of any random foreign cabdriver -not that I avoid these experiences completely - but I much prefer the feeling of vitality my bike offers me.  Hard city streets can be tough on the pedestrians' feet and knees. Biking is a great low impact form of exercise and commuting that is friendly for the environment and your body.  When I bike places I arrive feeling inspired and pumped for whatever adventure awaits!"
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Susie Lang Photography
instagram: @susielang
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