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You Ladies Are Going To Love Pedal Chic Bike Store in Greenville, SC

Fellow women pedal pushers I want to tell you my story about the amazing Pedal Chic Bike Store in Greenville, SC. However, I first have to tell you my story. I use to ride my road bikes miles before I had to have surgery on my right leg. After 45 minutes of surgery unbeknown to me my life as I knew it would be forever altered. After the first few weeks of healing and physiotherapy I thought that I would be back at my job teaching students and carrying on a hectic life with my family. However, that was not the case. My right quads started to atrophy and no physiotherapy that I tried would stop this happening. I went from doctor to doctor in the hope that something they could do would stop the atrophy. It only got worse until I had to be in a wheelchair and standing on my right leg became unbearable. There I remained for three years unable to do any form of exercise including my beloved biking. I tried different alternative methods together with my allopathic path. Nothing made my leg better. I was told that the surgery had damaged my femoral nerve and that a nerve only regenerates very slowly every year (growth in mm).

After my three-year wheelchair sentence I found a doctor and a special physiotherapist who allowed me to inch my way out of the wheelchair and to start walking with a cane. Over the next 5 years I slowly started to get better. 7 years after my initial surgery I started to ride my bike again. However, we are only talking six minutes every other day because there was too much pain if I tried every day. Over the next year I got up to 30 minutes every other day. As I rode further I found that I had issues with my tailbone and my soft tissues which in a nicer way than saying your lady parts. That is when I found Pedal Chic Bike Store in Greenville. I walked into the shop and found to my surprise that it was a bike store that deals only with women. In fact, it is the only bike shop in the USA that caters to women. As soon as I walked in and looked around I realized that the store was staffed by women. That is when I was introduced to Robin who owns the bike store. For the first time I could talk to another woman about my soft tissues issues and bike seats. Other bike stores I had tried before Robin’s were staffed by men and I did not feel comfortable talking about my seat problems with men. Anyway let’s be honest how would they know since they are the opposite sex and do not have the same soft tissue!!!! Robin explained to me that there were a number of options and that the best thing I could do was to come in for a bike fitting. This means that you get undivided attention with Robin and her mechanic. So I made a booking for the next day.

At the bike fitting the next day, I met her mechanic the only token male in the store. Scott has a great knowledge of bikes and is very professional. Robin carefully measured me for a saddle/bike seat. This entailed me seating on a gel pad so an exact measurement of my sit bones could be made. I found out from this that the saddle I was currently riding on was too wide which was causing many of my problems. We then measured range of motion, length of bike seat, distance to handlebars, width of canal in a saddle and other dimensions. Once that was done my bike was put on freewheeling blocks so I could pedal with different bike seats. Robin has a vast number of demo bike seats and according to her scientific measurements the correct saddle can be found. I was there for a while as different bike seats were tried. Robin and I talked privately about a number of things like soft tissue and tailbone issues, bike shorts and biking shoes. It was a tremendous rewarding experience.

I would say to you my fellow women pedal pushers that if you are looking for a bike store that completely understands you, Pedal Chic is your answer. Whether you ride 2 miles or 100 miles this store will completely outfit you so that you feel comfortable when riding. If you don’t live near them use the website ( or contact Robin and her friendly staff by phone (864-242-2442).

 See you on the trail!!!!!!


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