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    You Can Ride!

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    You Can Ride!


    Frequently, I hear from women that come into our shop

    “I’m not really a cyclist”
    “I’m not really strong enough to ride in a group”
    “Surely , I’m not as strong as everyone else”
    “I don’t want to hold anyone up”

    For this and many other reasons, our staff decided to host the Pedal Chic Summer Training Team.  We want to provide a fun, motivating and encouraging training environment to build your confidence on the bike. 

    Be good to YOU…It’s Not just okay, It’s Imperative

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    I know - another one of “those” messages.  Everyone always telling us that as women we need to make ourselves a priority.  But in reality it is difficult.  And I am the world’s worst offender.  

    Spinner Spotlight: Lea McGowan in New York City

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    Ever wonder what it's like to bike in the Big Apple? We asked NYC ballerina extraordinaire Lea McGowan to share her experience with us. 
    Photos by Susie Lang Photography.

    Christmas Memories…

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    As I was decorating the tree this year, it always brings floods of memories.  Our tree
    is full of baubles that tell the story of my family and work life.  As a mom, former
    handbag designer, and now bike shop owner, the tree is an expression of my eclectic

    "It's Not About Perfect"

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    I saw this today and it struck a cord inside.  Not only because my team has been encouraging me (read: screaming daily)  to get my voice back through the blog, but because it is a truly powerful statement.  


    Thankful Week at Pedal Chic

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    At Thanksgiving, we are especially grateful for our customers and visitors, who continue to inspire and encourage us every day.

    2014 has been full of so many blessings to be thankful for - here are just a few of them!


    Product Review: ORP SmartHorn

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    The ORP light combines function and style into one essential for urban cyclists. We put it to the test on an evening bike commute with some pretty satisfying results.

    New Pedal Chic Gear is Here!

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    We are so excited for new fall arrivals coming soon - a large part will be new gear with our Pedal Chic logo! We are proud to be the nation's first bike shop for women and we strive to be the best.

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