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Infinity L2 Saddle


Designer: Infinity


Infinity L2-Series Seat

Infinity Bike Seat wants to make sure this is the right seat for YOU. Please click “here” to enter your stats before placing your order. We also recommend a professional bike fitting before installing your new Seat. Dr. Vince is available for in-office or Skype fittings.

The L2-Series weighs 240 grams and is ideal for the novice to the advanced cyclist.

It allows the rider to feel the fluidity of their body, and the road with every pedal stroke.

Ideal for any type of pelvic inflammation either male or female.

An ideal choice for all cyclists: Triathletes, Road Cyclists, Tandems, Cyclocross, MTBer and Ultra Cyclists.

It features our signature full-cutout design covered with a neoprene closed cell foam.

Each seat is individually, customized and hand-wrapped in genuine Italian leather

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