Pedal Chic Stars

Pedal Chic Stars is a celebration of women entrepreneurs in the world of cycling. Since Pedal Chic was the first women's centric bike shop in the country, we wanted to continue with our mission of empowering, inspiring, supporting and growing women in cycling. The women's "movement" in cycling has tremendous momentum and new fantastic products are being developed by women - for women. We want to bring these products to you. This month's collection for October 2014 is Tonik Cycling, the newest addition to the Pedal Chic floor. The fun prints and bright colors have already been a big hit with our customers!

Here's what the founders Lisa and Mary have to say about their journey: 

"Before our first century ride, we tried to buy a cycling jersey. We either laughed till our sides ached or wouldn’t come out of the dressing room. Why should this be so difficult? That was the beginning of an idea that launched Tonik.

We wanted cycle clothing that functioned on a long ride but wouldn’t make you feel silly if you had to walk into a coffee shop.  Most importantly, we want women to ride; our goal is to make women feel great when they ride, SO THEY RIDE.   We want to share the joy."