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An interview with the Polish brand Madame Velo's resident fashionista, Ania and Pedal Chic's founder, Robin Bylenga.

Robin: When did you become so fabulous?

Ania: (Laughing) Oh I was obviously born fabulous! Three absolutely amazing, very creative and experienced stand behind Madame Velo. When we finally decided to express ourselves through Madame Velo bike bags it simply could not have ended up any different.

R: How long have you been creating beautiful panniers?

A: The idea to create Madame Velo has been in our minds for quite a while. One day we all decided that we were ready for this new venture. It all happened in Hong Kong, one of our favorite cities in the world. The company has been officially set up since almost 2 years ago.

R: Does the sun ever set at your design studio or do you design all day every day 24 hours per day?

A: The sun never sets up here as our Design Team is spread across the globe from Asia to Europe. We work around the clock and we like to work late hours too, but everyone needs to re-charge the batteries and we love our breaks. So we work hard and play hard.

R: What is your favorite bag and why?

A: Every bag is very special and unique as we put all of our hearts into the creating and designing process. You will agree with me that each bag is very different as we try to satisfy our customers' different tastes and desires. Although, that being said, my personal favorite is the POSH bag.

R: Do you listen to music when you are creating your bags? If so, what do you like to listen to?

A: Madame Velo is all about being unique and high class and so is the music we enjoy! Although this may be seen as uncommon, we love to listen to classical music! Ludovico Einaudie, Yann Tiersen, and Yiruma are just some of the artists that keep us creative and inspired every day.

R: What can we expect from your Fall line?

A: We have just started working on our new season collection. We are planning to add new colors to some of our best sellers, but we might also introduce some new styles. Unfortunately I can't say anything more because it is still our sweet secret.

R: I hear that our store, Pedal Chic, is the exclusive distributor of MME Velo in Americas - is that true? Does that mean it's esier for our customers to come into our store instead of flying to Europe for the awesome bags?

A: We are very excited that Pedal Chic is our distributor in the U.S. It's definitely easier, faster and cheaper to order from them, rather than to shop our products from Europe. We always support Pedal Chic, especially since they were our first business partner in the U.S. market.

R: Tell us about your most inspiring fashion influences.

A: We feel inspired by everyday life, tones of fashion magazines and a lot of fashion portals. Fashion is our lifestyle. Big inspiration for us is Catherine Baba, a French stylist who took everyday cycling to a completely different level. We love her unique style and absolutely admire the way she cycles everyday in her enormous heels. She is definitely our style icon!

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