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Q: What type of bike do I need?

A: When meeting a customer for the first time, the first thing we ask are “What are your goals”?  Leisure, fitness, etc.  Are you riding alone or with someone?  At the beach, mountains, path, paved not paved.  Why are you riding?  Do you have a budget?  This begins our conversation.

You can call us at 864-242-2442,, fill out our brief questionnaire and we will help you find the perfect bike for your needs to fit your budget.  Consider your personal shopper for bikes!

Watch our “How to Choose the Right Bike” video here


Q:  Help - my butt hurts!  How do I ride comfortably on a bike?

A:  Again the question we ask back is what type of riding are you doing?  All types of riding all have different saddle selection criteria based upon the riders position on the bike.  Cushier is not always best.  A rider needs to be sitting on thier sit bones not soft tissue.  Saddle selection is extremely personal and requires trial and error for fitting.  One size does not fit all.  Therefore at Pedal Chic we have a saddle demo program so a rider can test and find for their particular … needs.


Q:  What is this noise I’m hearing on my bike?

A:  Bikes like any machine with moving parts, needs occaisional adjustment and maintenance.  One of the benefits of buying a bike from a professional bike shop, like Pedal Chic, the customer can be confident the bike was built by a professional mechanic.  Over time every bike will need adjustments to the components.


Q: What makes Pedal Chic unique from all other bike shops?

Pedal Chic is a women’s specific cycling shop and our products and services cater to the needs of women on bikes.  We sell the best brands for all types of biking: road bikes, beach cruisers, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes and commuter bikes.  We carry a large selection of women’s bike shorts, bike shoes, cycling jerseys, cycling jewelry, triathlon clothing, bike t shirts, cute helmets, bells and bike baskets and panniers.  We carry flattering lines of activewear for women of all sizes.

Check out our video on “How to Bling Your Bike” here

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Q: How often should I clean my bike and lube the bike chain?

A: Watch our “How to Clean Your Bike and Lube Your Chain” video here

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