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An avid cyclist, she saw the need for a female-friendly bike shop that would cater to a different demographic. With a focus on a fashionforward market, Pedal Chic moved into a new location in December 2010. But does Robin Bylenga’s pitch have what it takes to put her on the map?

How She Tells It:

Pedal Chic is the only women-specific cycling and athletic boutique in the Southeast, offering an unparalleled selection of apparel for the female athlete, cyclist, urban commuter, and yogi, as well as lifestyle/ comfort wear in an upscale, boutique environment. The shop, which is both a brick and mortar store and an ecommerce retailer, is ramping up to afull-service bicycle/athletic boutique.

Pedal Chic is THE destination for active women shopping for contemporary, stylish, and high-performance cycling, fitness, and lifestyleapparel. From “city bikes” and commuter accessories (think bike baskets, designer helmets, shoes, and cycling-friendly handbags) to athletic intimate apparel which accommodates all sizes, Pedal Chic outfits every woman from head to toe (XS – 4X).

We carry a wide selection of designer lines. Among them are Skirt Sports, the original running skirt created by Nicole Deboom (an accomplished triathlete), along with their full line of cycling and running apparel and accessories; Luna Sport Wear, performance cycling wear exclusively for
women; Sheila Moon, fashionable cycling and urban/ commuter apparel and accessories; Ibex, beautiful merino wool clothing for casual/commuter wear; as well as various high-performance cycling gear and apparel by Primal Wear, Hincapie, Castelli and Zoic.

As a full-service bike shop, we have a mechanic on duty for all service needs. Our high-end carbon bikes are made by Serenity Bikes and we will carry a variety of the Bianchibrand.

Other top-name brands carried by exclusively by Pedal Chic include city Cruiser bikes by Pashley Bicycles, Linus and Nirve; Terry Bicycles, She Beest, Dude Girl, Loeka, Nantucket Bike Baskets, Po Campo, and Rickshaw bags.


What the Experts Say…

“This is overall extremely well written and leaves very little question as to exactly what Pedal Chic is.

I would actually lead with the second paragraph—I think this is the best overall explanation of the boutique and could stand alone if necessary. Very smart to mention the sizes that you carry in-store. I’m not sure that the level of detail in the third graph is necessary—it might be enough to just list the brands like you do in the last paragraph—or better yet, just remove the paragraph entirely and list those designers in the last paragraph with the others.

I would like to hear more about how Pedal Chic is a fullservice bike shop and the other offerings that might entail. The focus of this pitch is so strong on the apparel, but if you are going to offer other things aside from women’s fashions, I think that’s important to mention here as well.”

Taryn Scher
President, TKPR


The business owner here does a great job at describing the product lines that they carry. What’s missing here is describing the problem that Pedal Chic fixes—the void that they fill. Saying something like “Women in this market are becoming more active, but their selection for fitness apparel has not grown in a decade. That’s where we come in” or something similar telling a true need for what they do.

Not telling us more about the void Pedal Chic supposedly fills has me wondering why they are “the only women-specific cycling and athletic boutique in the Southeast.” Is it because there isn’t a true need for it? If there is, describe THAT as well as the product line.

I found one of the most interesting aspects of the pitch was the idea that her approach is “best described as crafted, simple and honest.” This idea is something that could help build the foundation of her holistic approach—and its resulting full spectrum of services—and really set her apart from the stiff competition in architectural services.

Tony Snipes
Small Business Advisor, Business Black Box

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