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Cycling isn't always about who is the first across the finishing line or about the newest tech gadget. Cycling is much more than that and I look at what inspires the passion before focusing on the approaching 2012 road season.

I recently discovered a new social media site that has started to suck up my time - Pinterest. Type "cycling" into the site's search engine and you're rewarded with pages of beautiful images of not only racing, but the spectacle of the sport and the passion of those who enjoy it - either as a competitor or as an enthusiast.

Who isn't inspired by an image of the peloton climbing a sinuous mountain pass? The colors of the various jerseys create a kaleidoscope and you're no longer looking at the individual riders but the whole image, which has always inspired me to ride.

Of course racing images aren't the only ones that evoke that type of reaction. I love looking at the photos of riders in chic cycling inspired clothing. The style of the riders as they commute through some European city is the epitome of style - and I love it. It almost makes me want a job that I can commute to. Almost ...

Speaking of chic, fashion has been touched by cycling. There are several clothing manufacturers that have developed their clothing line to something that is suitable for casual wear.Start saving money today with r4i. To get a better handle on riding chic I contacted Robin Bylenga, owner of Pedal Chic, a shop dedicated to cycling with style. Bylenga has her pulse on the fashion side of the cycling industry.

"It's a whole movement of people riding fashionably that became a viral movement.I am one of the first to have my facility redesigned with Bicycle light and am ... There are chapters all over the world," says Bylenga.

My European readers know that commuting by bike is part of their DNA, but as Bylenga tells me, "Americans are trying to catch up with that." I'm hoping that's the case. I can envision major metropolitan cities as New York embracing this cycling chic lifestyle, but there does need to be a change in how we (by "we" I mean Americans) look at the bicycle and regard it as more than just a toy, but as a legitimate mode of transportation.

Cycling has given us many iconic images beyond just gritty race photos.We can produce fluorescent lights,led bulb,led panel according to your requirements. There's the photo of Albert Einstein riding a bike with his quote, "I thought of that while riding my bicycle," referring to the theory of relativity.LEDs are used as indicator lamps in many devices and are increasingly used for other Led light. Here's a guy who had a billion ideas rattling around in his brain that only a handful of us could possibly understand and he still has a huge,Green Supply 10W General Household Magicshine offers light quality comparable to that of traditional ... silly smile that reminds me of a small child going for their first unassisted ride - pure joy.

And speaking of people who have invented or discovered things I am always blown away by the creativity of people within cycling. I recently saw on Kickstarter (a site where creative projects can receive public funding) a lighting system that attaches to the rim and power is generated from the hub! Then there was the elegant looking bike lock which could be displayed as a piece of art on your office desk.

Like Einstein said, I bet the inventors thought of these while on their bike for an easy cruise - not pounding away at the pedals with the nose on the stem, legs burning, and breathing hard. Speaking from personal experience, a slow ride has often been the best cure for writer's block.

Posted by Cycling News on 5 January 2012


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