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Robin Lennon Bylenga | Power to the Pedal

While working for a bike shop, Robin noticed the huge gap for women in cycling. Taking the bike by the handles, she opened her own cycle and athletic boutique just for us girls. “Pedal Chic empowers and encourages women to be the best they can be, no matter what her athletic pursuit or where she is in her journey.”

Five Lessons I Never Learned:
I haven’t learned to balance my checkbook to the penny—but I always thought that was ridiculous!
I have never learned to accept defeat – thank God.
I never learned to take “No” for an answer.
I never learned to skydive and it is SO on my list.
And the astronaut program turned me down ‘cause I never learned physics.
More about Robin…
Been in Greenville for a long, long time but Lubbock, Texas was my childhood home.
Tell me about your work; how you got started, why you love it:  That is a long, long story.  I am in the empowerment business. And, I happen to own a bike shop and athletic boutique that caters to women.  I was laid off once and went to work in a bike shop. I saw the huge gap for women in cycling and began to formulate an idea...a few years later (and one more layoff and a year of unemployment), God gave me the strength to open my own shop and fill that gap.  One year later, I remain grateful and humble for the opportunity. What a joy and a blessing.  Life is good.
Goals for the future:  top secret! :)
Did you graduate college? Undergraduate – B.S. From Texas Tech University, 1987
Graduate School – MHRD Clemson University, 1991
Single or Married? Single
Children?  Madison (14) Max (12) and Katie (9)
Any pets? Dog – Buddy (teacup yorkie) just stolen from my yard a few weeks ago, Dog – Daisy (Chihuahua) that belonged to a dear friend that passed away last year, Cat – Ellie – she is HUGE!
Hobbies?  Cycling (of course), running, triathlon – love music
Other interests?  Anything my children do!
Favorite thing you do to relax: Either get on my bike for a ride or end the day with a glass of wine...
Your best friend says that you are…Passionate, a visionary, inspirational – oh, and a bit ADD, but in a good way?
Do you have a motto or quote that means something to you? “I certainly don't regret my experiences, because without them, I couldn't imagine who or where I would be today.  Life is an amazing gift to those who have overcome obstacles, and attitude is everything.”  Sasha Azevedo
Who do you look up to (role models)? I am blessed to have amazing people that I love, that love me and surround me daily.  My parents and family are amazing, my advisors are unparalleled, and my friends are God-given.  There are simply too many to list.  I have an unbelievable life and am inspired by these people daily.  And by the way, Gwen Stefani is the shit.
Three interesting things most people don’t know about you:
1.  I have travelled Europe alone.
2.  Eminem and Snoop-Dog are on my ipod....
3.  With my love of triathlon, I failed swimming “one” five times as a kid … talk about overcoming!

Posted by Skirt Magazine on 1 September 2011

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