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Pedal Chic Squad

 Pedal Chic has been building a new ambassador program that not only aims to grow community relations, but also to inspire women around the nation to be transformed by bike. The program has been established, but now, we need your help!

Introducing The Pedal Chic Squad!

As a member of the Pedal Chic Squad, you must have a passion for riding your bike and inspiring women to reach their full potential. Through your journey as an ambassador, you will be able to transform your community through biking, which has statistically changed many lives all over the world.! 

By joining our team, we hope that you gain experience as an ambassador, but also become a part of the Pedal Chic Community!

To learn more about this amazing program, fill out an application here!



Enjoy the Ride!

Transform. Radiate. Invigorate.



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