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Terry Liberator Race

Designer: Pedal Chic


The Liberator Race is a unique saddle in the Terry line in that it appeals to both male and female riders. This is a difficult saddle to categorize since it falls between performance and touring with more padding than a race saddle, but less mass and narrower mid-section than a touring one. It has a higher rear platform and more extremely dropped nose than any other Terry saddle making it ideal for strong power riders with lots of sensitivity up front. Long distance endurance riders have raved about this saddle's particular shape and level of comfort. Smooth leather surface, non-chafing narrow profile, Ti-316 rails and sleek styling. 

Made in Italy.
Length x width: 267mm x 147mm 
Weight: 255 g / 9.0 oz. 
Rails: Ti-316 
Cover/features: smooth leather, elevated rear, printed graphics

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